Day Eighteen

Lily woke up to see Twinkle for the last time until next Christmas. Twinkle brought Lily some presents and Lily was even able to give her a hug for the first time.

Next year Twinkle will come back to see Lily but she will bring a friend to look after Lily’s new baby brother who will be born in January.

Christmas Day

During the night Father Christmas came to deliver some presents for Lily. Sadly Twinkle had to return home to the North Pole to live with him until next Christmas.

Lily left Father Christmas some treats and a carrot for Rudolph.

Father Christmas left Lily a note!

Lily was sad to see Twinkle leave, but she had a lovely Christmas!

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Meeting Father Christmas

After visiting Father Christmas, an Elf called Twinkle decided to come and stay with Lily for a while.